Can't open window?

A PVC window that doesn’t open can happen in almost any window, and in most cases it can be easily repaired. The following are some of the main causes of this problem and how to resolve them. Can’t open window?

Reasons why the uPVC window won’t open

  • The gasket stuck to the frame.
  • Hinges accumulate in dust and gravel.
  • The mandrel in the handle is worn and does not rotate the locking mechanism.
  • The castle is broken.

Sliding foundation

The sliding foundation is the main reason for gluing windows. When the house moves, pressure is exerted on the window frames. The distorted frame means that the sash channels (paths in which the window moves) will no longer align with the window, preventing the window from fully opening or closing.

Warped wood

After years of weathering, wooden windows may swell when exposed to rain or moisture. Moisture can also cause window varnish to crack and water penetration into the wood, causing various degrees of warping and even rotting.

 Can't open window?


Dirt or dirt on the sliding window glass can cause mobility problems. Rust can also accumulate on the metal guides of the window, causing obstacles.


Different parts of the window may be damaged, resulting in sticking. You may have a damaged frame or the window itself may be damaged. You may also have broken equipment, such as a loose metal latch or window lock.

The plastic window does not open: what to do?

Troubleshooting the opening and closing of plastic windows depends primarily on the cause of the fault. Most often this is a hardware fault.

If the reason is faulty hinges, they should be lubricated with special compounds. You should also tighten them, adjusting the position of the wings. Adjustment of the working mechanisms of plastic windows is carried out along the axis of rotation, length, width and height. Ensuring optimal position of the valves, their normal and easy operation is ensured, the possibility of blocking the handle is excluded.

It is worth noting that each brand of equipment has its own regulatory methods. Therefore, you should often use the services of a specialist who already knows all the functions of the plastic window working mechanisms.

To adjust the fittings, a special Allen key of the appropriate size is used. It is necessary to tighten the screws located in the perforations of the fittings.



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